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Barn Owl
Barn Owl2288 views
Pictured Rocks curved wall
Pictured Rocks curved wall2277 views
Brown bear stalking salmon stream
Brown bear stalking salmon stream2276 views
Sunrise over Frozen Lake St. Clair
Sunrise over Frozen Lake St. Clair2275 views
Twilight Moon & fog
Twilight Moon & fog2273 views
Red-Yellow Maple pattern
Red-Yellow Maple pattern2264 views
Opossum climbing down log
Opossum climbing down log2263 views
Pacific Ocean beach
Pacific Ocean beach2259 views
Shaking the trees
Shaking the trees2246 views
Bottle-nosed Dolphin
Bottle-nosed Dolphin2242 views
Coiled Garter Snake
Coiled Garter Snake2238 views
Fallen Tree
Fallen Tree2229 views
Brown bear & salmon stream
Brown bear & salmon stream2225 views
Whitefish Point beach, Lake Superior
Whitefish Point beach, Lake Superior2225 views
Denali Spruce in Fall Fog
Denali Spruce in Fall Fog2223 views
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