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Fall Contemplations
Fall Contemplations282 views
Forest Randomness
Forest Randomness265 views
Bear's Den Autumn Overlook
Bear's Den Autumn Overlook431 views
Aspen, Birch, Maple, Oak
Aspen, Birch, Maple, Oak226 views
Riverside Colors
Riverside Colors443 views
Shaken Aspens
Shaken Aspens861 views
Moonlight Maple
Moonlight Maple470 views
Leaf Swirl
Leaf Swirl441 views
Big Tooth Aspen leaves with rain drops
Big Tooth Aspen leaves with rain drops925 views
Bigtooth Aspen leaves after rain
Bigtooth Aspen leaves after rain691 views
Timberland Swamp Fall Colors
Timberland Swamp Fall Colors1096 views
Star of the pond | Floating leaves
Star of the pond | Floating leaves744 views
Tree Branches above
Tree Branches above855 views
Sycamore bark pathways
Sycamore bark pathways398 views
Bruce Peninsula Overlook
Bruce Peninsula Overlook539 views
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