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Soft Gardenia
Soft Gardenia240 views
Morning Dew
Morning Dew356 views
Marsh Marigold
Marsh Marigold394 views
Fallen573 views
Clinton River Brushstrokes
Clinton River Brushstrokes567 views
Giant Anemone
Giant Anemone771 views
Pink Lady Slipper flower
Pink Lady Slipper flower901 views
Black Eyed Susan closeup
Black Eyed Susan closeup1312 views
Teardrop Tulip
Teardrop Tulip1453 views
Lone Bloodroot in sunlight
Lone Bloodroot in sunlight1327 views
Beached coral heads at twilight
Beached coral heads at twilight1098 views
Glowing Pink Lady Slipper
Glowing Pink Lady Slipper865 views
Fall spruce cloudy hillside
Fall spruce cloudy hillside1272 views
Lake Superior shoreline
Lake Superior shoreline2398 views
Wood Lily impression
Wood Lily impression1243 views
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