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Painterly Daisy
Painterly Daisy315 views
River Mudflat Reflections
River Mudflat Reflections263 views
Fallen Forest Leaves
Fallen Forest Leaves340 views
Luminous Leaves
Luminous Leaves252 views
Swamp Oak and Sycamore Leaves
Swamp Oak and Sycamore Leaves255 views
Fern Mosaic
Fern Mosaic198 views
Stick Figures
Stick Figures202 views
Stained Glass Leaves
Stained Glass Leaves239 views
Moss Mosaic
Moss Mosaic223 views
River Birch Impression
River Birch Impression295 views
River Birch Bark
River Birch Bark210 views
Soft Gardenia
Soft Gardenia240 views
Echeveria Succulent
Echeveria Succulent249 views
Blue Namibia
Blue Namibia282 views
Dawn Redwood Cones and pine needles
Dawn Redwood Cones and pine needles286 views
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