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Painterly Daisy
Painterly Daisy311 views
River Mudflat Reflections
River Mudflat Reflections261 views
Flowering Hawthorn over Clinton River
Flowering Hawthorn over Clinton River278 views
Fallen Forest Leaves
Fallen Forest Leaves335 views
Luminous Leaves
Luminous Leaves249 views
Time Bubbles
Time Bubbles214 views
Frozen State
Frozen State191 views
Swamp Oak and Sycamore Leaves
Swamp Oak and Sycamore Leaves253 views
Fern Mosaic
Fern Mosaic196 views
Redwood Needles and Cones
Redwood Needles and Cones232 views
Blue vs. Yellow
Blue vs. Yellow228 views
Stained Glass Leaves
Stained Glass Leaves237 views
Crimson Maple Leaf Pile II
Crimson Maple Leaf Pile II398 views
Crimson Maple Leaf Pile
Crimson Maple Leaf Pile322 views
Tulip Mosaic
Tulip Mosaic196 views
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