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Fall Contemplations
Fall Contemplations282 views
Roots and Leaves
Roots and Leaves302 views
Luminous Leaves
Luminous Leaves252 views
Forest Randomness
Forest Randomness265 views
Dawn redwood cones and leaves
Dawn redwood cones and leaves281 views
Redbud Decay
Redbud Decay325 views
Forest Floor palette
Forest Floor palette300 views
Variegated Trillium in woodland
Variegated Trillium in woodland422 views
Fallen573 views
Moonlight Maple
Moonlight Maple470 views
Big Tooth Aspen leaves with rain drops
Big Tooth Aspen leaves with rain drops925 views
Bigtooth Aspen leaves after rain
Bigtooth Aspen leaves after rain691 views
Red-backed Salamander in leaf environment
Red-backed Salamander in leaf environment750 views
French Angelfish in shallow sea
French Angelfish in shallow sea962 views
Underwater forest
Underwater forest987 views
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