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Winter Shoreline Twilight
Winter Shoreline Twilight309 views
Aspen, Birch, Maple, Oak
Aspen, Birch, Maple, Oak226 views
Petrified Wood Abstract w/ Tree Rings
Petrified Wood Abstract w/ Tree Rings408 views
Superior Cliffs Stonescape
Superior Cliffs Stonescape619 views
Big Tooth Aspen leaves with rain drops
Big Tooth Aspen leaves with rain drops925 views
Bigtooth Aspen leaves after rain
Bigtooth Aspen leaves after rain691 views
Aspen Leaf and Ice pocket
Aspen Leaf and Ice pocket689 views
Thanksgiving Leaves
Thanksgiving Leaves1087 views
Leaf dance
Leaf dance1041 views
Picasso Ice Abstract III
Picasso Ice Abstract III984 views
Picasso Ice Abstract IV
Picasso Ice Abstract IV911 views
Picasso Ice Abstract I
Picasso Ice Abstract I933 views
Picasso Ice Abstract II
Picasso Ice Abstract II994 views
Musical Notes in Ice
Musical Notes in Ice1526 views
November Leaf frost pattern
November Leaf frost pattern1077 views
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