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Old Woman of StoneWood
Old Woman of StoneWood287 views
Huron Wave Dancing
Huron Wave Dancing457 views
Clinton River Brushstrokes
Clinton River Brushstrokes564 views
Leaf Swirl
Leaf Swirl439 views
Tranquil morning on Lake St. Clair
Tranquil morning on Lake St. Clair517 views
Georgian Bay Mist
Georgian Bay Mist1131 views
Milkweed pods
Milkweed pods1293 views
Yellow Ghost Woods
Yellow Ghost Woods1460 views
Monochrome Amethyst I
Monochrome Amethyst I1119 views
Monochrome Amethyst II
Monochrome Amethyst II1058 views
Monochrome Amethyst III
Monochrome Amethyst III1078 views
A Winter Distraction
A Winter Distraction4414 views
Arizona Rainbow Petrified Wood I
Arizona Rainbow Petrified Wood I2356 views
Arizona Rainbow Petrified Wood II
Arizona Rainbow Petrified Wood II1928 views
Birch Ghosts
Birch Ghosts2716 views
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