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Stick Figures
Stick Figures202 views
Dunes at Dawn
Dunes at Dawn300 views
Silver and Black
Silver and Black450 views
Driftwood in Dunes
Driftwood in Dunes522 views
Sands of Time
Sands of Time630 views
Michigan Dune Pattern
Michigan Dune Pattern667 views
Evening light on Silver Lake Dunes
Evening light on Silver Lake Dunes704 views
Lines of Silver Lake Dunes
Lines of Silver Lake Dunes662 views
Ancient wood and dunes
Ancient wood and dunes1408 views
Western sky and dunes at dawn
Western sky and dunes at dawn1195 views
Ancient trees and dunes
Ancient trees and dunes1320 views
Dune Patterns at Dawn
Dune Patterns at Dawn1532 views
Ancient tree stumps and dunes
Ancient tree stumps and dunes1198 views
Sand Wave
Sand Wave1426 views
Stumps and Dunes
Stumps and Dunes1005 views
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