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Moss Mosaic
Moss Mosaic223 viewsJul 20, 2016
Flower Mosaic
Flower Mosaic222 viewsJul 20, 2016
River Birch Impression
River Birch Impression295 viewsJul 18, 2016
River Birch Bark
River Birch Bark210 viewsJul 18, 2016
Soft Gardenia
Soft Gardenia240 viewsJul 04, 2016
Echeveria Succulent
Echeveria Succulent249 viewsJul 04, 2016
Night Drifter
Night Drifter252 viewsMay 27, 2016
Blue Namibia
Blue Namibia282 viewsMay 11, 2016
St. Clair Sunrise Ice Sheets
St. Clair Sunrise Ice Sheets382 viewsMay 11, 2016
Michigan Lake Icescape at Dawn
Michigan Lake Icescape at Dawn332 viewsMay 11, 2016
Lake Huron Beach Rocks & Milky Way
Lake Huron Beach Rocks & Milky Way445 viewsMay 08, 2016
Dawn Redwood Cones and pine needles
Dawn Redwood Cones and pine needles286 viewsApr 18, 2016
Shoreline Rocks and melting Lake Ice
Shoreline Rocks and melting Lake Ice262 viewsMar 12, 2016
Fading Lake Ice
Fading Lake Ice253 viewsMar 09, 2016
Fallen Ice Tree
Fallen Ice Tree250 viewsMar 09, 2016
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